Our dedicated team can provide all plumbing and waste water services for your needs.

Recent projects are allowing for us to expand our plumbing services to sites. The installation of water mains to welfare blocks, site offices & mortar silos has become a regular occurence for the team when attending site.


Sewage and Waste water can be piped to existing sewers or to on-site septic tanks for weekly collection.

We have now added maceration units and holding tanks to our hire fleet.  Cutter pumps will shred the waste and are able to pump up to 150m away to existing man holes.  The pipe from the pump to the man hole can be one continuous rigid length, but flexible to move whilst in operation if required.


This can be a major cost saving, you don't need the tank under the toilet at £15 per week, also emptying tanks at £120 a time, usually once a week, if someone leaves a tap on then maybe more often, also access doesn't need to be maintained to the toilet for a tanker, the toilet bloack can be situated more suitably to the site, rather than to the existing drain layout.