Energy Consumption

In today's world, where energy costs are rising and people's awareness of energy consumption, carbon emissions and sustainability are growing, the days of driving part large construction sites, lit up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week are long gone, due to the expense and worse, for the impact that using such a high level of energy is having on the environment.


Our 110v fluorescent lighting is electronically controlled rather than switch start, which gives 20% energy saving, and reduces maintenance costs, as there are no starters to replace. We also offer an LED system, at a slight increase in cost, but at a great energy saving.  In some European countries, switch start fluorescent lighting has already been banned.


A major energy saving breakthrough for Leadbitter Construction (now Bouygues-UK) was on the development of Bettws Comprehensive School, recently renamed as Newport High School, with all site fluorescent lighting manually controlled by the security guard in the site security office.  With one switch, all lighting could be turned off when the last operative left site, but transformers were left live to charge access equipment overnight and to maintain power to site emergency lighting.  If any

incident had occured, liighting could be re-energised so security could check the site.


We have now developed remote control switching, from up to 100m away, a remote fob can turn a construction site on or off.


When you consider most site are open 5 days at 10 hours and Saturday mornings, the energy consumption for site lighting can be dropped by a third!