Access Control

Since 2009, we have been installing access control systems, these can range from:


CCTV systems you can view in your site office, from your home pc, or any smart phone. These also record onto a hard drive, which again can be played back from home or your smart phone. We had a case in the past where the project manager had finished early on a Friday, on his return on Monday, items were missing from site. He viewed the footage and a site operative could be seen reversing his van onto site & loading the missing items onto his van.


Access Control


This can range from simple swipe card systems, each entry/exit being logged, to more complex hand readers, operating full height turnstiles, again all logging entry/exit times.  We can now also provide a software in which your site induction can be uploaded to an online system, your subcontractors can then view your site induction prior to attending site (the system will flag up if the video has only been partially viewed or not viewed at all), this then saves the site team a cost, as your inductions can be short, site specific inductions that take half the time of a normal induction, this also saves you labour costs from your subcontractors, as they can watch whilst driving to site, as it can be viewed on both PC & Smart Phones, the slight increase in cost for larger sites, will be severly outweighed by the savings made on the induction process.


The supply & installation for Morriston Hospital, Swansea for Bam Construction of a 20x10 foot secure cabin to site, which had 2 hand readers and 2 full height turnstiles within the site fence line to control access to the construction site, was deemed so successful for the site for the site and us that we now offer this system to all our customers.


In 2017/18 period, we are seeing more and more turnstiles installed on Construction sites. We continue to provide this service and offer the chance for us to design an entry cabin, in order for the turnstiles to remain secure on site, suitable to any specific site.